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    This spring you must visit California. The last period has accustomed us to give up our travels around the world. On the one hand we miss seeing the rest of the locations on our list, but on the other hand we had to somehow quench our thirst for travel. We managed to do this in our own yard … I mean we started to visit the beautiful places around the house. As we live in California we thought of making a list of 10 great places you can visit in California. As spring break approaches, these destinations are just right for you to visit. And that’s because most locations are still ok to visit during this period, especially because of the temperatures that are not so high.

    1.San Francisco – Visit California

    We start with this town near the bay because it is our home. There are extremely many tourist attractions here. Whether you choose to spend a day visiting the famous Alcatraz or Pier 39, or get lost in the Chinatown or admire Union Square, San Francisco is always a good choice. Especially if you want to see this part of Northern California. There are many places where you can stay in San Francisco but I personally prefer Westin St. Francis for his special location. But you will definitely find other locations suitable for any pocket.

    2. Yosemite National Park

    Visit California:

    We are sure that Yosemite National Park is one of the most famous in the world. Maybe that’s why it’s one of the busiest. Especially in the summer months. That is why it is recommended to visit it in spring. In fact, the waterfalls have the highest flow somewhere in April, with the melting of the snow. And if we still think that in the high areas you can still find snow and you can ski, then it turns it into an ideal destination.

    avenue of giants visit california

    3. Avenue of the Giants

    It is located south of Eureka. Although you can drive through the famous forest, we warmly recommend a few stops at Shine Drive Thru or Chandelier Drive Thru Tree, south of the Leggett area. Do not forget that the Redwood coastal area is one with very spectacular landscapes.
    You will also find many chalets where you can stay with the whole family.

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    We tried Best Western Plus Humboldt House Inn and we really liked it.

    Pinnacle national park visit california

    4. Pinnacle National Park – Visit California

    It is the newest national park in America. It is located in the Salinas Valley area south of Gilroy, close to the Gulf Area. It is recommended to visit in spring or autumn. It can be in summer but you will have to endure the heat. And those passionate about geology will have something to see here. It is also recommended for children due to the short and easy hiking trails.

    Big sur visit california

    5. Big Sur – Visit California

    If you want to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth (and I’m not exaggerating) then you must go to Big Sur. He has everything. Beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails and more. You will definitely take many beautiful pictures to be proud of on social networks. The area is also known for its hippie atmosphere. If you are still in the area you can also visit Hearst Castle. Accommodations found in the area but we do not know what to recommend because we have not tried.

    lake tahoe visit california

    6. Tahoe Lake

    It is only 2 and a half hours from San Francisco and it is another reason to visit California. It is one of the most popular destinations in California. The landscapes will surely delight you. You also have hiking trails. You can also practice winter sports until April. There are many accommodation units in this area. They’re all fine. Personally I tried Firelite Lodge

    disneyland visit california

    7. Disneyland – Visit California

    Most of the time we associate this destination with children, but we assure you that it is also perfect for adults. Of course it is crowded all year round and it is quite noisy but that does not make it less attractive. Believe us, you will be left speechless at every step. The multitude of activities will surely prevent you from getting bored. Overall the park is … woooow, just woow! This is just another reason to visit California

    And of course you can stay at one of the famous hotels. Check the whole list HERE

    san diego visit california

    8. San Diego – Visit California

    Did you know that the San Diego Zoo was recently renovated? We didn’t know. And believe us, it’s well worth going there. And it’s not the only reason to visit San Diego. What if we tell you that LegoLand is also here? I definitely caught the attention of those with children. The perfect destination for those for whom Disneyland is very crowded. You can’t go wrong if you choose to visit San Diego. At any time of the year. Accommodations are many for all pockets. We really liked Hampton Inn San Diego Downtown because it has a pool. And we really like to swim.

    palm spring california

    9. Palm Springs – Visit California

    If this article were a top of the locations you can visit in California, Palm Springs would definitely be in first place. At least we really like it. And that’s because there’s so much to do here. We don’t even know where to start. The best known are the Joshua Tree National Park and the Living Desert Museum. But there are many more.
    Accommodations can be found in full. You just have to decide and choose the right one for you. We, as you know, like the ones with the pool. I stayed at. A complete list can be found here.

    santa cruz california

    10.Santa Cruz and Monterey

    These two destinations are very close to the San Francisco Bay Area. Also less than an hour’s drive south is Monterey, where you can see one of the most extraordinary aquariums in the world. Returning to the first destination, we must tell you that it is brilliant. The beaches are perfect and spring is really a good time to visit. In Santa Cruz the little ones will have a lot of activities to choose from so make sure they don’t get bored at all. And don’t forget that here is the wonderful Beach Broadwalk.
    In Santa Cruz we stayed at Continental Inn and in Monterey at Best Western Park Crest Inn

    These are just a few destinations that will make you visit California. If you liked the article, don’t forget to share to see as many people as possible.

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