About US

Hi! I am Chris! I am neither a writer, nor a critic, nor an analyst, nor do I want to be. I am a traveler who has seen places, met people, customs, traditions. A traveler who saw and experienced ordinary things but also some that seemed out of the ordinary.

traveling with a tiny house for couples

A traveler who has tried most way of transportation, who has slept in most conditions, has experienced dozens of rooms, hotels, boarding houses, apartments or tents and can say that he would always start over.

I strongly believe that tourism is not just a destination, a hotel, a flight or a good price. Not in a mood. A “traveler” is always ready to go and will find in each “adventure” something unique, charming and fascinating that will make him always want to move on.

A few years ago, I made lists of the destinations I visited and avoided arriving at the same place a second time. But now, it’s not the place that matters much, it’s the time and the people you’re with.

The only regrets I have are that I did not write from the beginning about each experience because many details have settled in the drawers of the mind and will be increasingly difficult to access.

I always wanted to see each place differently, not like a simple tourist and I can say that everywhere I was, I was guided, advised and often accompanied by a local.

I want to bring something new through this blog both as destinations and as a form of presentation. I will talk to you about places and share things that you often do not find in travel guides.

Let’s travel!