How much cost a vacation in Cuba ? Best travel guide for enthusiasts.

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300 days of sunshine a year, old colonial-style cities, colorful houses, vintage cars, cigars, rum, Havana and beaches with heavenly landscapes – these are the ingredients that make Cuba a favorite destination for tourists around the world. How much is a vacation in Cuba? Despite expectations, it is not exactly a cheap destination, but you can travel “smart” and you can fit in a decent budget if you sell the offers of the airlines and find a good price for accommodation.

When to go to Cuba – Vacation in Cuba

Before you plan your vacation in Cuba, you should know that if you really want to sunbathe, you might have surprises in December-February, when the lowest temperatures are between 15-20 degrees. Between September and November, the island is often the target of hurricanes and storms. October is the wettest month of the year, and July is the warmest. But in principle, Cuba is a year-round holiday destination with a subtropical climate and an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

The currency of Cuba – Vacation in Cuba

You should also know that in Cuba there are two currencies, the national peso (CUP), which is used by the locals, and the convertible peso (CUC) for tourists. The difference between the two coins is very big, so be very careful not to confuse them – CUC is stronger than CUP. Of course, tourists can also use national pesos for tickets for transportation, fruits and vegetables at the market, street snacks or fresh, but in most cases you, as a tourist, will rely on convertible pesos.

1 CUC = 0.87 EURO / 1 US $

1 CUP = 0.33 EURO / 0.38 US $

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 How much does a vacation in Cuba cost

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The first concern – the plane ticket. A plane ticket normally starts at around 650 euros (from an european city), without taxes and luggage. However, by carefully following the offers of the airlines, you can certainly deduct another 100 euros for a ticket taken in advance. And with a little luck. If you can find a direct flight, good for you. However, a two-stop flight may be cheaper.

How much does it cost to stay in a vacation in Cuba

As in any place in this world, in Cuba the accommodation differs depending on the area, conditions, services. For a smaller budget, you can confidently turn to the “private house”, where you will have an authentic Cuban experience. It has decent conditions, an ok price and is the best way to get to know the locals better. The owners of these private houses will also prepare your three meals, if you want to eat there. At least once a day, it’s worth it. In a “private home”, a double room costs about $ 20-30 per night. At a mid-range hotel, a night’s accommodation can cost between $ 25 and $ 180.

However, the most beautiful experience in Cuba is to stay at least a few days at a luxury five-star resort on the beach. You will definitely feel that in paradise, but also the prices are higher. For example, at Royalton Hicacos (for adults only) in the famous Varadero resort, one night’s accommodation in a double room costs $ 376, all inclusive.

accommodation in Cuba vacation Cuba

Generally, at a 5-star resort located on the beach, accommodation starts at $ 200 and goes up to $ 400.

 How much does transportation cost during a vacation in Cuba

When you write down how much a vacation costs in Cuba, you also have to make a budget for transportation. It’s a shame to stay in one place, so you’ll probably have to invest large sums of money in travel as well. The good news is that it’s pretty cheap to travel to Cuba.

Here is an indicative cost of transportation to Cuba:

A taxi ride into the city – between $ 2.50 – $ 7. From the airport to Havana a taxi ride costs around $ 25. Getting an hour by taxi in the city costs around $ 30.

There is also the possibility to take a shared taxi. Collectivos, shared taxis cost $ 0.50 per ride. In Havana, there are vintage cars that travel around the city on certain predetermined routes and can take passengers going in that direction. You just have to signal to them that you want to go. In addition, you should know their route very well.

You can go by shared taxis and between cities and the price can be the same as a bus trip. From Trinidad to Havana the cost is $ 25.

public transport vacation cuba

A bus ride to the city costs only 4 cents.

An hour in the tour bus costs $ 4-5.

Here are some indicative prices on certain routes:

Havana – Vinales: $ 12

Vinales – Cienfuegos: $ 35

Cienfuegos – Trinidad: $ 6

Trinidad – Camaguey: $ 15

You can also rent a scooter for $ 25 a day.

For a rented car you can pay about $ 85 a day.

 How much does food and drink cost in Cuba

It is said that culinary specialties are not exactly the strong point of Cubans, but you can certainly find something to your taste. The locals don’t eat much at the restaurant, because the prices are a bit high for the salaries in Cuba.

Of course, at a luxury resort you don’t have to worry about food – you’ll find it all.

Here are some indicative prices to set your budget for food if you want to see how much a vacation in Cuba costs:

Breakfast in a private house: $ 3-7

Lunch or dinner on the street food type – $ 2

Lunch or dinner in a mid-range restaurant – $ 8-20

Alcohol – $ 2-5

Coffee: $ 0.25 – $ 3

A bottle of water at 1.5 liters 1-2 dollars

Street snacks: $ 0.50-2

Cuba vacation

How much does entertainment cost in Cuba

You will not get bored in Cuba, because you have a lot of options for spending time. Some for little money, others for a lot of money.

Admission to the museum can be free, but it can also cost $ 10.

A tour of Havana in a vintage car – $ 30.

Horse riding in ViƱales: $ 5 per hour

A show at Cabaret Tropicana: $ 85+

Salsa or rum courses – $ 15 per hour

Internet access

It’s not so easy to get online in Cuba. If you can’t live only offline, then you need to buy a special card from ETECSA. With it you will have internet access on your own phone, for a fee of $ 2-6 per hour. With the card you can connect anywhere with wifi.

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