8 Reasons why traveling with a tiny house is so great

traveling with a tiny house for couples

Traveling with a tiny house

A tiny house is a construction up to 37 square meters where people can live. Tiny houses can also be provided with lofts for better usage of space. Nowadays people choose to live in tiny houses for various reasons as environment protection, saving money, building small communities but a tiny house is sometimes the best option to travel in your own house. It can be also used as a guest house, a temporary home, an office 

A tiny house is usually larger than a van or a RV  but smaller than a normal sized house and it can be found on wheels and travel with it wherever you desire. Being larger than a RV, a tiny house can be more traveling comfortable for long distances or long periods of time. Also is a good choice for those who travel with their families or pets.

Tiny houses are usually equipped with a living area, a master bedroom often locate in the loft, a kitchen, a bathroom and in some cases several additional spaces for storage. Traveling with a tiny house or camping is allowed almost anywhere as long as the house meets the criteria of a RV but the owners can rent or buy land and settle wherever they want.

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So now let’s see some pros about why traveling with a tiny house is so great:

  1. Travel in your own house
  2. Not carrying your heavy luggage because all you need and maybe all you have is right inside your tiny house
  3. Less to clean. Less space means less to clean and less time and money spend on cleaning products
  4. Settle on any location you want for as long as you want (if the location allows that)
  5. Being equipped with a kitchen allows you to cook your own meal every time you want
  6. It can get very cozy because you can equip and organize as you please and it gets even more comfortable because you will be sleeping in your own bed.
  7. It can be eco-friendly by using solar energy for operate.

Obviously traveling with a tiny house has some disadvantages like heavy weight to carry with your truck, is larger than a RV, does not meet the same conditions to camp as a RV and is not allays allowed to camp on every camping spot. But once you find a tiny house friendly spot you can enjoy nature and places as you like and that’s why we think a tiny house is great for traveling.

If you find out other reasons why traveling with a tiny house is great please write in the comments.

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