Top 15 places to visit in Albania, beautiful resorts and beaches that you should not miss

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Albania is a country that offers a lot of tourist attractions for those who love the wild nature and the charm of the Mediterranean air.

It is a land of contrasting landscapes, from abandoned buildings in the middle of fields, fortresses, castles and fortifications. The village area is largely impenetrable by the modern current, and behind the beaches you can admire the dramatic high mountains.

Albania is unlike any other destination and gives you the feeling that nature is unaltered and respected. Albania is also a destination that brings more intimacy and peace. Being close to Romania, with much lower rates compared to other destinations, it is exactly the vacation you need.

Resorts and places to visit in Albania

Berat – the city of a thousand windows

It is a city in central southern Albania and the capital of the region of the same name. It has access to the Osun River and is perfectly located on the edge of the Tomorri Mountains.

It was built in the form of a fortress built on a hill where the original castle named Kalaja can still be found today. In 1961 Berat was chosen the “city of museums”, which is why it is a perfect destination for lovers of history and culture. For sure is one of the many.

places to visit in albania

The city with its mosques and old churches is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country. The historical center of the locality was included in 2005 on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

The oldest objective in Berat is the Berat Fortress, an impressive fortress built on a rocky hill. Other nearby attractions include Ethnographic Museum, Onufri Ikonografik Museum, Gorica Village, Mount Tomorri, Red Mosque and Osum River.

2. Apollonia – an impressive historical city. Places to visit in Albania

Apollonia is an ancient Greek colony and former diocese of Illyria, located on the right bank of the river Aous (present-day Vjosa).

Its ruins, located in the Fier region, near the village of Pojani (Polina) are still impressive and tell the story of the original glory. Is one of the many places to visit in Albania

places to visit in albania
apollonia  places to visit in albania

From Berat to Apollonia are about 56 km. This historic place is very impressive, and the view from the top of the hill is really worth seeing. Libraries, temples, theaters and other buildings can be visited, as well as the triumphal arch and collapsed mansions.

The archaeological park covers several hectares and expresses the efforts of archaeological research aimed at delimiting the city, the central parts, where the main buildings are located: temples, Acropolis, amphitheater, library, public buildings, a monumental fountain, public baths, city cistern .

3. Durrës – a versatile port city

It is a city in western Albania and the most important port in the country. Durres is one of the tourist centers of the country and, apart from culture and history, you can also enjoy the wonderful beaches here. It is the second largest city in Albania.

durres visit albania
Sunny day and panoramic view to Durres beach. Blue sky and water of Adriatic Sea.
durres visit albania2

Although he has an effervescent and bloody history in all sorts of events that have taken place over time, Durres has a special brilliance.

The city is colorful in cheerful shades and full of Roman and Byzantine heritage. Here you can discover the remains of the largest amphitheater in Albania.

4. Gjirokastra – the city of stones. Places to visit in Albania

It is a city located in the southern part of Albania. The historical center of the locality was included in 2005 on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. The reason is its unique architectural style that most buildings display.

The main feature of Gjirokastra is the intensive use of stone in building houses that look like small fortresses and cobbled streets leading to the Bazaar.

Girokastra - reasons to visit Albania
Gjirokastra -resons to visit Albania 2

Gjirokastra Castle is the first landmark to visit when you arrive here, being located on a hill above the city, and inside it you will find the City Museum, where you can find information about the history of the city.

Other sights to visit are: the Old Bazaar, the Zekate Traditional House and, of course, the small streets with cubic stone. The city is also known for its culinary art.

5. Kruja – the old capital of Albania

Kruja is a historic town in the Skanderberg Mountains, about 30 km from Tirana, and for sure must be on the list with places to visit in Albania.

The name and importance of the city are closely linked to the 25 years of activity of the national hero, Skanderbeg, who in the 15th century made Kruja a bastion of uncompromising resistance against the Ottomans.

The small town has an impressive historical background and can be visited in just one day, a trip you can make from the capital Tirana or Durres.

kruja -reasons to visit Albania1

Another one of the many places to visit in Albania is The Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg Museum. Is located inside the castle walls. Inside the castle walls are the Ethnographic Museum and Dollma Tekke.

Next to the castle entrance is a traditional square, dating back to the Skanderbeg period. Here, tourists can find Albanian handicrafts, such as embroidered items, carpets, silver objects, copper, alabaster, filigree, traditional clothing, antiques at the old traditional Kazar Bazaar.

6. Shkodra – among the oldest cities in Albania

The city is an important cultural and economic center in northwestern Albania, located on the shores of Lake Shkodra.

The emblem of the city (that must be on the list with places to visit in Albania) is represented by the ruins of Rozafa Castle, built in the 3rd century BC. Now there is a small museum here, where you can see Illyrian coins, Ottoman weapons and personal belongings of the locals.

Shkodra -reasons albania 1

Behind the castle is the lead dome mosque with several domes. It is called “Lead” because the rocks used to build its walls were joined with molten lead.

Places to visit in Albania

The Skoder Historical Museum is located in the villa of an Ottoman merchant. Here you can see archaeological artifacts and historical photographs that will tell you about different periods of city life.

There is an old bridge less than 5 km from the city – the Mes bridge over the river Kir – is one of the oldest existing Ottoman bridges with a length of 108 m. Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans is in the vicinity the city.

Some tourists say that Skodra is truly the soul of Albania with its narrow street and ancient houses that are joined by stone walls and modern buildings.

7. The Blue Eye spring – the clearest water

Also known as Syri i Kalter, it is a natural spring in the forest, which lies between Saranda and Gjirokastra.

It is part of a national park and a walk here is a city break and a good opportunity to appreciate the natural landscapes of the country. Is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania

 Blue Eye Albania

The pool of water is bordered by bright blue colors that resemble the iris of a blue eye. Looking down, the source of the Blue Eye forms a hypnotic whirlwind to watch. The park around the Blue Eye includes a lake, a bridge, a rocky path and mountain scenery. Between the various shades of green of the lush foliage around the river, to the bright blue of the water, it is difficult to choose a favorite view.

8. Vermosh – surrounded by a mythical atmosphere – places to visit in Albania

Vermosh is a beautiful natural area located 95 km from Shkodra, near the Montenegrin border.

Shkodra and Vermosh are connected by one of the most beautiful roads in the Balkan Peninsula, offering dramatic views of the mountains. Summer is a great time to visit Vermosh, but for those looking for romantic autumn scenery, with its stunning foliage, it is without a doubt the best time of the year.

vermosh Albania

Vermosh has several restaurants, shops and a small health center. In the area there is also a green village Lepusha, located halfway between Tamara and Vermosh.

9. Lake Ohrid – divided between Albania and Macedonia – places to visit in Albania

Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe and one of the most beautiful. It crosses the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania.

A tour of Lake Ohrid is suitable for any traveler who wants to discover untouched but wonderful places.

lake ohrid reasons to visit Albania

The three main lakeside cities, Ohrid and Struga on the Macedonian side and Pogradec on the Albanian side, are also worth a look.

Other must-see places in this area of the Balkans are the small Albanian hamlets, such as Lin, Drilon and Tushemisth, which offer stunning views of the lake. Lake Ohrid also has a unique biodiversity, hosting over 200 endemic species of fauna and flora.

10. Benja – Thermal baths with stunning views – places to visit in Albania

Benja Thermal Bath located near Girokastra and 13 km from the town of Përmet, are very authentic and attract a large number of visitors throughout the year.

In winter, when the temperature in Përmet drops below 0 degrees Celsius, it is the best time to immerse yourself in these hot baths.

benja thermal bath albania1
benja thermal bath albania2

The water from the Benja thermal bath contains sulfur and has healing effects, 4 of the sources are used for chronic rheumatic diseases, another is used mainly for stomach diseases and the last for skin diseases.

11. Saranda – The City of the 40 Saints – places to visit in Albania

Saranda is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Albania, the city having a huge development in the last 20 years. The name Saranda has Greek origins and was once considered the City of the 40 Saints.

Lekursi Castle is one of the best places to go in Saranda. People gather here to enjoy amazing sunsets.


The urban scene is full of life, dotted with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants with local products, all overlooking the Ionian Sea.

One of the reasons why Saranda is a popular destination among is that it is quite close to two other tourist countries, Greece and Italy.

12. Cape Rodon – remarkable natural area – places to visit in Albania

Cape Rodon or Cape Skanderbeg is an area of remarkable natural beauty and offering relaxation, with castles and churches infused with fascinating stories.

Located just a few kilometers from Tirana, Cape Rodon is a destination whose popularity has grown exponentially among tourists in recent years. This narrow strip of land, in the shape of a peninsula, stretches along the Adriatic Sea and offers not only beautiful views, but several crucial historical and cultural monuments.

cape rondon reasons to visit albania

The castle by the sea was built by Skanderbeg between 1450 and 1452, to create a quick exit to the Adriatic Sea in the event of an Ottoman invasion. Life existed inside this castle until 1467, when the Turks destroyed it. Fortunately, the Venetians rebuilt it after 1500 and, since then, it has survived in fairly good condition.

13. The Ksamil Islands – an exotic treasure, from the “Caribbean” of Europe

The highlight of the Albanian coast is likely Ksamil Islands, a remote group of three small islands located just off the coast, accessible only by boat from the small town Ksamil.

Ksamil is one of the most popular coastal towns in Albania, located near Saranda and definitly a must on your list with places to visit in Albania. It is visited by both local and foreign tourists.

ksmail island albania1
ksmail island albania2

The beaches of Ksamil have, besides the fact that they offer you the view of the islets that seem eternally green, an almost white and fine sand that gives you the feeling of an exotic holiday. The beaches there, even if they are small, are very clean.

14. Karaburun peninsula – the only marine park in Albania

The Karaburun Peninsula, the only maritime park in Albania, stretches across the Vlora Bay. It is a spectacular nature reserve internationally renowned for its intimate bays.

What makes it even more impressive is the area known as the Karaburun Balcony. Serrated rocks descend on the caves and slopes of the rock formations over Dafina beach or Bitri shore.

karabun peninsula reasons to visit albania (1).jpg

The caves are a typical feature of this peninsula, one of the most famous being that of Haxhi Alia. Known as the largest sea cave in Albania, a calm lake rests inside, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. No less well known is the Grama Cave, which hides in the bay of the same name

15. Butrint – the remains of an ancient city surrounded by a huge natural park

Butrint is a 2,500-year-old Greek town in Albania, located in a hilly and wooded area south of Saranda, near the border with Greece.

It has a special atmosphere created by a combination of archeology, monuments and nature in the Mediterranean.

butrint albania
Butrint - Ancient-theater albania.jpg

The most interesting ancient Greek monument is the fairly well-preserved theater. The most extraordinary objects discovered in Butrint’s theater are the statue of Apollo, the goddess of Butrint, the marble heads of Zeus, the portrait of Agrippina, the head of Livia and many Latin and Greek epigraphs. Parts of the city were rebuilt in the 5th century BC.

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Other monuments in Butrint are the Vivari Canal Castle, the Triangle Castle and the Venetian Tower, built when the Venetians controlled access to this area.

This has been our list of 15 places to visit in Albania. If you know others, please tell us in a comment. Also, if you liked the article, we would be grateful if you would share it.

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