Why You Must Visit Antarctica

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Visit Antarctica – A trip to one of the most extreme environments on earth is definitely one you’ll never forget. In this list we’ll add the most compelling reasons why you should add the frozen continent to your travel bucket list, highlighting the things that make this experience so unique from start to finish.

Your starting point is the end of the world. In books and movies, a traveller is always trying to reach the horizon. To explore beyond the known end of the world. Nowadays, mapping technology shows we’ve done a pretty good job of exploring the globe. But because of its harsh climate and extremely remote location, Antarctica remains the only good place for an adventure in the true sense of the word.

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There are different routes to get there, with departures from South Africa, New Zealand or Chile. Most travelers think this port, in an Argentinian city, is the best starting point. Generally considered the southernmost city in the world, el fin del mundo. For those of you for whom Argentina brings to mind the blazing sun, you’d be surprised. Northern Argentina has a sub-tropical climate that brings the feeling of a mild tundra because it is never too cold or too hot, and the landscape will definitely take your breath away. The small town is guarded by forests and snow-capped mountains. The place is simply a wonderful one that you must see before you start your adventure into the unknown Antarctica.

The journey itself – Visit Antarctica

Not so long ago, to visitit Antarctica was an activity of explorers fascinated by the unknown, not mere citizens depending on a few days city-break after a year of work. Modern technology, along with some travel companies, has made travel to the southernmost continent much more accessible. You’re still sailing the same route as the explorers, but you’re more comfortable and better equipped than the trailblazers to the frozen continent. You can pass through exactly the same places they did, imagining the journey they took. It takes about 2 days to cross the Drake Strait, and this experience can be divided into two categories.

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You can have an easy sail on Drake Lake or you can go through the Drake Shake, a nickname given to extremely rough seas. Once you cross the Drake Strait, you’re given bragging rights because this experience is once in a lifetime. During the journey you can also see lots of wildlife and incredible sunsets. How many destinations do you know of where the journey there is a journey itself?

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Landscape – Visit Antarctica

This is probably the frozen continent’s strong point. Although it is made up of nothing but frozen rock, snow and extremely cold water, these elements combine to create a captivating, intruding image. Imagine getting into a kayak and starting to sail towards icebergs, jagged monoliths and many other wonders of the frozen land.

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You could compare the area to a museum, only here, the sculptor is mother nature herself. Also, since professional cameras are now much more affordable, photography might be another reason to visit Antarctica. You’re sure to capture some spectacular shots because the area is unique in the world. And I haven’t even mentioned the sensational night sky, which is pollution-free.

Wildlife – Visit Antarctica

Animal lovers, this is for you. Antarctica may not be home to many people, but it’s certainly not deserted. Plenty of animal species have not only managed to survive in extreme conditions but have thrived. And with so little human influence in the area, they live in peace and quiet. Due to the permanent presence of ice and the extreme climate, the continent is not known for its abundance of greenery.

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And with the exception of krill and phytoplankton, grasses are non-existent. Birds are the most common animals you can find in Antarctica. Including the snow petrel and the albatross, which has the largest wingspan on the planet. Orcas and blue whales can also be seen, as well as penguins and seals, which are found in abundance. When it comes to penguins, in Antarctica you can find plenty of species such as Adeli, Cit Strap, Imperial, King and many others. Among the seals, you can see the following species: leopard, furred, and southern elephant.

Our planet is huge, full of natural things as well as human inventions. Realistically, you could spend your whole life exploring the globe. And you’d still never get to see it all. With a population fast approaching 8 billion, it’s hard to find a place where people haven’t already made their mark. Even if you do plan to visit parks, or nature reserves, their popularity makes them a bit crowded, whereas Antarctica has between 1000 and 5000 inhabitants, depending on the season. Human influence is minimal in this place, consisting only of a few outposts and research bases.

Although the number of visitors has increased tenfold since the 1990s, the total number of visitors still does not exceed 50,000. And that’s across the entire continent, while areas such as the Grand Canyon, which benefits from an annual 6 million visitors. The lack of people and their activity makes Antarctica one of the quietest places on earth. Its wilderness is as rare as it is beautiful. So is the landscape. Visiting Antarctica is not only a wonderful adventure, but it also gives you the opportunity to rediscover yourself, away from the pollution and noise of the city, in an area of complete peace and quiet.

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