Best travel guide to Azerbaijan

travel guide to azerbaijan

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This travel guide to Azerbaijan is for everyone who wants to visit this country. WeThe Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the Transcaucasian area of ​​Southwest Asia, and covers an area of ​​86,600 km² and has a population of 7,600,000, with a density of 88.3 inhabitants per km². The official language of the country is Azerbaijani and the state capital is Baku. The life expectancy of men in Azerbaijan is 68.38 years and 74.68 years for women. The Azerbaijani state borders the Caspian Sea to the east and Russia to the north, Georgia to the northeast and Iran to the southeast. It also borders Turkey in the northwest.

travel guide to Azerbaijan monasteries
Travel guide to Azerbaijan

A few things about this country – Travel guide to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a varied relief, with mountains arranged both in the northern part (Greater Caucasus) and in the southern part (Small Caucasus). The central part of the country is crossed by plains, the plain drained by the river Kura and its tributary, Araks. In the eastern area is the Lenkoran plain. The country’s largest city is the capital Baku, located in the eastern part of the country, on the southern shore of the Apseron Peninsula. This is the cultural and economic center of the country, with many tourist monuments such as the Virgin’s Tower, built in the twelfth century or the minaret Synyk-kala dating from the eleventh century.

travel guide to Azerbaijan places to visit
Travel guide to Azerbaijan

A special tourist attraction is the mausoleum of the astronomer Seida Bakuvi, built in the 14th century, as well as the Shirvan Shahs Palace, which dominates the hill in the old part of the city. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Ganja, the second largest in Azerbaijan, is located at a distance of 365 km from Baku, attracts the attention of travelers through the beautiful streets surrounded by trees and special architecture.

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Ganja is located at the intersection of Baku and Tbilisi, which is why it has established intense trade links beyond the Caucasus. It is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan, famous for its cultural center, but also for the silk and carpets processed here. It is also the birthplace of the Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjevi. Mikhail Lermontov also wrote his beautiful Persian poems here. 165 km north of Baku, meet the city of Quba, considered the most beautiful city in the country.

Tourists attraction – Travel guide to Azerbaijan

Numerous mosques, such as Sakhiny-Khanum or Ardabil are among the most important tourist attractions. Likewise, the medieval baths or the fortress built in the 15th century. The surroundings of the city are a great attraction for tourists, especially the Afurdzhin waterfall, 30 m high or the Tengi Strait. An important tourist resort is located 188 km from Baku, on the border with Iran, called Lankaran. The eastern part of the city is crossed by the Caspian Sea.

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The nature made up of high mountains, plains and the coastal area attracts tourists every year. Today, in addition to the beauty of the landscapes, the city boasts special historical monuments, such as the 18th century fortress or the Pir Hussein Mosque. The oldest city of the Azeris, the former capital of the Seljuk empire, Nakhichevan, is located 380 km from Baku, near the border with Iran. It is distinguished by a series of monuments of medieval architecture, such as the mausoleum of Yusuf ibn Kuseiyr, built in the 11th century or the Gyaur-Kala fortress, almost two millennia old, but also with the Khudaferin bridge, which crosses the Araks river.

380 km away from Baku, on the border with Georgia, meet the town of Sheki, a mountainous area with valleys, hot springs and pine forests. Near Sheki, there is a very popular tourist area, called Markhal. The city boasts the Shkin Palace, built in the 18th century, but also the Gemsen-Geresen Fortress, which dates from the 9th century, these being just some of the many monuments you have the opportunity to see at Sheki. Starting from Baku to the center of the country, 88 km away, you will find one of the oldest Azerbaijani cities, Shamkhi, the former capital of the Shrivan Empire. The main tourist attraction is the Gulistan fortress, built in the twelfth century, as well as the mausoleum of Addy-Gyumbez or Djuma Cathedral, built in the tenth century.

Conclusion – Travel guide to Azerbaijan

When you go on holiday in Azerbaijan, you should choose the widest possible holiday rejuvenation, because in this country there are many places worth visiting.

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